Thoughts :: Defective interface

A few days ago, my son’s speech therapist was interviewing me (…). Then she told me I get Childhood AOS.

Kodumaro :: Ruby is a toy language

Yesterday I was having lunch with some developers, and one of them (a Ruby one) began to bash some bad attributes of that technology.

Thoughts :: How taking God away of the math made me a better person

As an autistic, I have a lot of side issues to deal.

Kodumaro :: The great VM Misconception

There’s a well accepted idea that the best multiplatform development approach can be no other than virtual machine.

Thoughts :: The pentatonic’s undeserved stigma

Every so-called guitar player has some nasty words about the pentatonic scales, but they’re often bullshit.

Kodumaro :: Implementing OOP on Fish (just for fun)

Fish is a great command-line shell targeted on programmers.

Thoughts :: Why I stopped publishing in Portuguese

I’ve simply surrendered.

Kodumaro :: Testing the steering wheel in an engine missing car

Our motor vehicle assembler is designing a new car concept. Everything works in slightly different ways than the usual.

Thoughts :: More time

We spend all life long trying to get more.

Kodumaro :: Back to the Cult of Action for Action’s Sake

In I.T. we’re living an odd age, when people worship the entrepreneurship for itself.