Thoughts :: How taking God away of the math made me a better person

As an autistic, I have a lot of side issues to deal.

Kodumaro :: Back to the Cult of Action for Action’s Sake

In I.T. we’re living an odd age, when people worship the entrepreneurship for itself.

Thoughts :: The pentatonic’s undeserved stigma

Every so-called guitar player has some nasty words about the pentatonic scales, but they’re often bullshit.

Kodumaro :: Now we have two…

We had some problems to solve. The technical management decided we should use Ruby. Now we have bigger ones.

Thoughts :: Why I stopped publishing in Portuguese

I’ve simply surrendered.

Kodumaro :: Why Lombok is a waste of time

The Lombok’s goal is to add facilities and syntax sugar to (…) Java.

Thoughts :: More time

We spend all life long trying to get more.

Kodumaro :: Uma brincadeira rápida

Um jeito divertido de calcular Fibonacci usando NumPy.

Thoughts :: Bebop scales

The “state of art” of western musical scales are the bebop ones.

Kodumaro :: Smackage

Há uns meses descobri um projeto muito bacana para gerenciamento de pacotes Standard ML.