Thoughts :: 8-string tunings

In 2016, before Sækla, I wrote a post about my guitar tune…

May, 2020

Kodumaro :: Passion for technology

I’ve seen a lot of job ads that include the works “passionate about technology.”

Apr, 2020

Thoughts :: You’re an idiot (so am I)

Why are conspiracy theories so attractive?

Apr, 2020

Kodumaro :: Lies they’ve been telling you about functional programming

Functional programming aims to implement the λ-calculus as a programming environment.

Sep, 2019

Thoughts :: Embrace the subversion

The beauty is mean, the kindness is subversive.

Jun, 2019

Kodumaro :: Ruby is a toy language

Yesterday I was having lunch with some developers, and one of them (a Ruby one) began to bash some bad attributes of that technology.

Mar, 2019

Thoughts :: The devil at the crossroads

Legend has it that Robert Johnson got to Son House…

May, 2019

Kodumaro :: The great VM Misconception

There’s a well accepted idea that the best multiplatform development approach can be no other than virtual machine.

Mar, 2019

Thoughts :: Fans are killing Rock

The Rock fans are killing the Rock’n’Roll.

Apr, 2019

Kodumaro :: Implementing OOP on Fish (just for fun)

Fish is a great command-line shell targeted on programmers.

Mar, 2019