Thoughts :: About names

There’s a name in my ID, but that means nothing. Never did. I had two names when I was born.

Aug, 2020

Kodumaro :: Yet another Fibonacci

One of the most interesting algorithms is the Fibonacci numbers. It’s pretty tricky ’cause it might leads to a binary tree recursion…

Aug, 2020

Thoughts :: Reverse Racism and other lies they’ve been told you

Reverse Racism is the idea that oppressed people get grown prejudice agaist their oppressors applied to the ethnical bias.

Jul, 2020

Kodumaro :: Software plants

It’s very common the analogy between software “factory” and the civil sector… Nothing could be futher from reality.

Aug, 2020

Thoughts :: Covid-19 so far

I’ve read conflicting news about COVID-19 protocols, mostly contradicting WHO’s official statements.

Jul, 2020

Kodumaro :: *Variance analogy

The other day, talking to some coworkers, I realised developers unacquainted to functional programming feel hard to understand type covariance and contravariance concepts.

Aug, 2020

Thoughts :: Music industry addiction

Why may you pay a hundred dollars for a famous band’s show, but only some quarters for a local band’s?

Jun, 2020

Kodumaro :: Worth in the computing development milieu

The worth concept is very subjective and private. Everyone has its own, and it diverges one from another.

Jun, 2020

Thoughts :: The Pride

In 2012 my first wife was dying of cancer, and I tried every treatment I could find…

Jun, 2020

Kodumaro :: Passion for technology

I’ve seen a lot of job ads that include the works “passionate about technology.”

Apr, 2020

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